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Welcome to the blog. We talk about everything we do here, upcoming events, and a million other things.

POSTED 10/6/2013 by Jonathan Lambert

Workhabit understands that extraordinary results first and foremost require hiring exclusively for exceptional personal character, for this is the one thing that cannot easily be changed. We seek to work for clients who hold themselves to an equivalent personal standard.

POSTED 10/3/2013 by Jonathan Lambert

To be a good manager is to be honest with yourself and others. To be a great manager is to have the data to back it up.

POSTED 9/13/2013 by Nick Russell

I am actually quite surprised that more developers aren't aware of the power of the cache_set and cache_get functions than most. So I thought I'd take a second today to speak to when you would want to leverage these functions and how they works. So lets start with a scenario.

POSTED 9/13/2013 by Nick Russell

Using compass 0.12.2 (and a few earlier versions of compass), it should be noted that compass/css3/gradient has been deprecated. This means that if you try and include the gradient library like so:

POSTED 9/12/2013 by Nick Russell
So you've enable comments on your content type, insured that it is set to Open, set the permissions up correctly but your comments still aren't showing up on the page, right?
POSTED 8/27/2013 by Nick Russell
The Scenario Create a content type A with some custom fields on it. Export the new content type as a feature, including the Field Bases and Field Instances for it. We call it Feature A.
POSTED 4/10/2013 by Jonathan Lambert

Phones and tablets are becoming the primary way the customers access content. Recently, we retired a series of iPhones from our family that had run their course.

POSTED 4/10/2013 by Aaron Stewart

I think everyone's done it at this point.. They've got some legacy site that needs an older php version, and they switch MAMP over to using PHP 5.2.

POSTED 4/5/2013 by Jonathan Lambert

It's Friday. And being that Friday is the kind of day where you celebrate the week, today I'm going to be celebrating the death of one of my favorite features of a Workhabiter.

POSTED 11/28/2012 by Jason Baggs

I want to share some apps and tweaks that you may find useful if you do not like the way Mt Lion works/looks/feels out of the box...

MacPilot 5.0.1 (paid)

POSTED 11/16/2012 by Jonathan Lambert

At BADCamp, Workhabit gave a talk about the ongoing work we've been doing with iOS and Drupal. At Workhabit, we've been working for some time to bring first class support to Drupal for devices like iPads, iPhones, and other Apple devices like the new iPad Mini. Our belief is that building first class native app experiences on Drupal websites is revolutionary and exciting, and something that we've been working on as a company for a very long time.

POSTED 10/10/2012 by Kyle Browning

Ive been getting emails more and more on the subject: oAuth and iOS with Drupal so Ive decided to consolidate all of those replies into one big blog post.

It seems like it is a bit tricky but its really simple once you understand all of the layers.

POSTED 7/13/2012 by Jakob Perry

Features is a wonderful module, it allows you to put in code, pieces of functionality that is otherwise created in the UI. (For more information, look at these slides on features

POSTED 5/27/2012 by Gary Gogick

Having been tasked with throwing up a new blog post on our shiny new site, I've decided to devote my first verbose rant to something that's an easily solved annoyance - SSH timeouts. On the projects I end up attached to, I often encounter people who aren't actually systems administrators.

POSTED 8/23/2011 by Jonathan Lambert

Workhabit is hanging out in the biggest city in Europe: London! We're a silver sponsor at Drupalcon London. Several of our core team are out and about spending a week or two of August hanging out in London.

Come by and see us, or drop us a line if you're there and want to connect.

POSTED 4/8/2011 by Aaron Stewart

We've all seen it, those darn blocks that have to appear in-line in a node body, but we're often left scratching our heads as to how to get it in there.

The problem is that regions are only surfaced to the page template, and the region we need to add is a div inside of a node.

Well, with a couple of simple theme overrides, you can get there, and make it performant as well.

POSTED 4/4/2011 by Gary Gogick

...Ran into an issue where Backup and Migrate wasn't cleaning up after itself - mysql dumps were sitting in /tmp, stacking up, and causing disks to fill up.

POSTED 11/16/2010 by Jonathan Lambert

In the past year, we've worked with a number of fantastic clients. One of the things we've seen repeatedly is a desire by some clients to do work that is a "port" of the existing site to Drupal technologies. This is often not the right approach.

POSTED 10/13/2010 by Gary Gogick

Drupal without drush is like a burger without cheese.

POSTED 8/4/2010 by Nick Russell

If you are running Drupal websites locally on your computer using the MAMP / MAMP Pro stack and are experiencing abnormally slow page loads, there are a couple of steps that should be taken to help increase performance.