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Introducing CDN2. Plug and play video for Drupal.

Introducing CDN2. Plug and play video for Drupal.

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If you haven't tried to do video online, you'd be surprised at how difficult it is. There's a large number of formats out there, and often your source video isn't appropriate for displaying on a web page. The process of converting the source to a format and size that works online and then getting it into Drupal and delivered to your viewers turns out to be expensive and time consuming.

Many people turn to public video sites like Vimeo or for video transcoding and hosting and lie with having their video under the control of a third party. Others install ffmpeg on their web server, but that fails as soon as they have any volume. That's why we're proud to announce CDN2 -- a Drupal-native video platform that offloads video processing from your web server and gives you the delivery cost advantages of a content delivery network. It's on demand video transcoding and delivery, pre-integrated with Drupal.

CDN2 is a combination of a Drupal module and a hosted service that's designed to help you manage video with ease. The module allows you to transcode video into many different formats, from iPhone video to Flash video for the web, to high definition flash. It plugs into Drupal's permissions system, allowing you to specify user roles that are allowed to upload video, what formats they can transcode into, and who can view the different formats.

The display of your video is fully themeable and you can choose any flash video player you'd like. We've included support for FlowPlayer and DashPlayer, and adding your own is a simple matter of theming.

Unlike installing ffmpeg on your own server, this won't tie up server resources during upload and conversion, allowing you to scale your web site independently of your video services. We handle the upload, the transcoding, and even the hosting for the video files. Pricing is simple and starts at $2.50 for every GB you transcode, and $0.50 per GB for the bandwidth consumed by your video. There's no contracts to sign, just pay for what you use.

Using CDN2, you don't need to build anything to get started with video. No custom integration projects. No hardware or software to buy. No work involved in getting your video on the web. Download it and have your first video up and running in minutes.

Want to learn more about CDN2? Watch the demo screencast. Ready to get started? Download the module and sign up for the service