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POSTED 9/12/2013 by Nick Russell
So you've enable comments on your content type, insured that it is set to Open, set the permissions up correctly but your comments still aren't showing up on the page, right?
POSTED 4/8/2011 by Aaron Stewart

We've all seen it, those darn blocks that have to appear in-line in a node body, but we're often left scratching our heads as to how to get it in there.

The problem is that regions are only surfaced to the page template, and the region we need to add is a div inside of a node.

Well, with a couple of simple theme overrides, you can get there, and make it performant as well.

POSTED 4/4/2011 by Gary Gogick

...Ran into an issue where Backup and Migrate wasn't cleaning up after itself - mysql dumps were sitting in /tmp, stacking up, and causing disks to fill up.

POSTED 10/13/2010 by Gary Gogick

Drupal without drush is like a burger without cheese.

POSTED 8/4/2010 by Nick Russell

If you are running Drupal websites locally on your computer using the MAMP / MAMP Pro stack and are experiencing abnormally slow page loads, there are a couple of steps that should be taken to help increase performance.

POSTED 7/20/2010 by Gary Gogick


We'll be doing some git-retrieval, meaning we need git installed. Being a sysadmin by trade, I'm naturally lazy, so I'm happy to just pull the git package from EPEL.

POSTED 7/20/2010 by Nick Russell

In a recent discovery credited to Aaron Stewart here at WorkHabit, it was found that there is an issue converting the cache_router and / or semaphore tables from MyISAM to InnoDB on a Pressflow database.

POSTED 3/31/2010 by Kyle Browning

The agile approach is one a lot of people are becoming familiar with.

POSTED 10/7/2009 by Aaron Stewart

We've been getting reports of intermittent issues with transcoding on our CDN2 service.

After digging around for a while, we've found an issue where messages are not getting delivered through Amazon SQS to our transcode nodes.

POSTED 9/13/2009 by Aaron Stewart
Like so many of us out there, I took the plunge last week and installed Snow Leopard. It purported many advancements, such as a completely rewritten finder and many other apps that take advantage of a better threading model and full 64 bit support.
POSTED 8/5/2009 by Aaron Stewart
During one of our recent projects, we ran into the classic deadlock between having non-blocking database updates with the ability to perform fulltext searches against our MySQL database.
POSTED 7/21/2009 by Aaron Stewart

Whenever a group of us WorkHabit folks are sitting around the virtual watercooler reviewing upcoming projects, one of the first questions we need to answer is about the quality of the code we're starting with.

The big question we always want to know is this: Is core hacked? And how badly?

After doing this manually several times, I decided to cut to the chase and write a script for it.

The bash script to do this is at the bottom of this post. Just save it as, mark it executable, and have at it.

POSTED 7/6/2009 by Aaron Stewart
Today marks the first beta version of our Drupal AutoTagging module.
POSTED 4/8/2009 by Jonathan Lambert

I've taken a couple of days off to watch the outcome of the Cloud Expo, CloudCamp, and especially, the CCIF meetings. After three days, this posting is my response to everything I learned, and what I think next steps are. I'd like to have an open dialogue about it: but let's get moving.

POSTED 4/7/2009 by Aaron Stewart

Inspired by an experience merging a rather large branch into trunk on a client project (which went surprisingly well, actually), as well as the now-famous Languages: Shooting Yourself in the Foot we present to you a rather comical view of the developer's best and worst friend: The revision control system.

POSTED 3/23/2009 by Kyle Browning

I combed through the Issue queue for Drupal 6 yesterday and have provided a bunch of fixes and updates. I pushed them all into the Dev branch, which seen here, .

POSTED 3/5/2009 by Jonathan Lambert

A recent discussion on CloudForum pertains to the nature of what interoperable cloud computing platform might be. It's been a real debate in the community for long time about what and inter operable cloud API actually looks like.

POSTED 1/27/2009 by Kyle Browning

Over the past few months I have been working on a project to release at Drupalcon DC.

POSTED 12/29/2008 by

We're happy to announce that the latest version of our free Drupal AMI has been released: Drupal AMI 1.0 RC1, AWS ID ami-2a8a6d43. Like the previous version of our AMI, it will allow you to install any version of Drupal that you like, at the click of a button.

POSTED 12/20/2008 by
We've had a great response to [CDN2, our video platform for Drupal]( The number one request so far was to make a Drupal 6 compatible version.