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POSTED 10/6/2013 by Jonathan Lambert

Workhabit understands that extraordinary results first and foremost require hiring exclusively for exceptional personal character, for this is the one thing that cannot easily be changed. We seek to work for clients who hold themselves to an equivalent personal standard.

POSTED 8/23/2011 by Jonathan Lambert

Workhabit is hanging out in the biggest city in Europe: London! We're a silver sponsor at Drupalcon London. Several of our core team are out and about spending a week or two of August hanging out in London.

Come by and see us, or drop us a line if you're there and want to connect.

POSTED 4/1/2009 by
For those eagerly awaiting the next member of the Drupal family, WorkHabit is proud to announce Rupal, the CMS designed exclusively for our valued cross-dressing community members.
POSTED 10/24/2008 by
We just got finished installing floor to ceiling whiteboards around some of the offices and common spaces in the Sacramento office. Here's how you can do it without spending thousands of dollars on large whiteboards.
POSTED 9/8/2008 by Jonathan Lambert

You want to attend Drupal events that matter, and DrupalCampLA 2008 already has more than 270 attendees registered. If the pattern holds for Drupal events, the last week will include a lot of last minute registrations, making this a larger non-DrupalCon events.

POSTED 9/1/2008 by

For the last few months here at WorkHabit we've been busily creating a new kind of hosting platform. We've taken our expertise in scaling, hosting, and managing Drupal web sites and and layered that on top of cloud computing.

POSTED 6/19/2008 by Jonathan Lambert
We've had a few comments from clients and prospects as we've grown over the last year that they'd like us to be more easily reachable. Well, we've listened.
POSTED 5/20/2008 by

There is a lot of noise in the marketplace these days about Enterprise 2.0 and online communities. What I have been finding is that very few people or companie are attempting to answer the question "Why build an online community at ALL?"

POSTED 4/17/2008 by Jonathan Lambert

We're working hard to find a new office in Sacramento, as we've already outgrown our 1300 SQ foot office (6 months!). If you know someone, or have an idea of where we can find great new digs in downtown Sacramento, I'd love some help.

POSTED 2/3/2008 by Jonathan Lambert
Just a quick update to let everyone know that our new website is now into it's production phase. We've been so busy with client projects for the last couple of months that we haven't had a single free resource to work on Internal projects, except for our Insidr intranet and AutoPilot.
POSTED 9/22/2007 by Jonathan Lambert

Hey all, after our talk in Barcelona (video soon) on Autopilot there is a lot of interest. The version we demo'd will be released approximately a week after the conference, as soon as we can attach the new ui we developed in barcelona with the updated codebase.

POSTED 9/4/2007 by Jonathan Lambert

It's going to be an insanely busy month for us this month, and I wanted to let everyone know where we'll be in the hopes that you'll be there too.

POSTED 8/20/2007 by Aaron Stewart

Following up on our original AutoPilot announcement, we're pleased to announce that we have just released a development snapshot of AutoPilot on